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Submitted on
January 21


15 (who?)
We did it! 100 submissions!

I had no doubt that we would reach 100 character submissions. (After all there are a lot of characters.) I want to thank each of you for submitting and I will be doing some changes to this journal that removes submissions stuff and what not.

Also if you wish to remove your character, please note me and we can talk about it. No trade in characters. Remember guys, issue 25 is a long way from now, I'm expecting it to come in 2016 or early 2017. So patience will be needed. However, I have a plan that could make the waiting a little less painful... I will discuss that in another journal.

This journal's comments will be disabled after issue 10 has been released on October 3rd. I will post some stuff soon about this accomplishment in another journal and some artwork.

Again guys, thank you so much and don't worry, I will treat all your characters with the utmost respect.

Mobius United Program Logo by CCI545
[Click the thumb logo for more information, this is the story equivalent of the Finale Cameo.]

Sonic Z Finale Cameos CLOSED by CCI545
====Finale Cameo Submissions====
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring 

End date: CLOSED

Total Submissions: 100


Current Ending Status:   Bullet; BlackBest & Extra EndingBullet; Black :-O (Eek)

Submissions needed for Extra Ending rank: 0

Last Updated: 10/6/14
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring 

New10/1/14 100 submissions reached! Submissions officially closed and comments will close October 3rdNew 

Bullet; GreenPremise and whyBullet; Green
You're probably wondering why you are here huh? Well this is the Sonic Z Finale Cameo in which in the end of the comic series in issue 25 I will show all the characters helping out in the final battle in large ways and in small ways. This is a way for your character to be promoted for free and introduce them to the Sonic Z universe I have created. In addition to the cameos at the end of the series, I plan to have early cameos pre issue 25, the early cameos will only be available to characters who seem like they can fit in a normal environment. (Sorry Ultimate Mega Super Cinos the Hedgehog, you have to wait till the last issue.) The Early Cameos are short and will be only in town locations or villages in forests. If you're curious on what an early cameo looks like, check these out: 
Sonic the Hedgehog Z #6 Pg. 16 March 2014 by CCI545Sonic the Hedgehog Z #9 Pg. 15 September 2014 by CCI545

Other than early Cameos, the finale cameo will be grand. We reached the 100 and 80 submissions goals, so be on the look out if your character will show up earlier and/or the final ending.

Also another name for this cameo is called the "Mobius United Program" (In Story).

I'm removing the Rules, Requirements, and other stuff, but I will put reminders here so if people have questions or what not they can come here.


What you must keep doing to keep your character in the Cameo

Bullet; Green -If you need to update your character, submit a note to me with the recent changes. Though if your updates become frequent I will tell you to stop and pick your favorite so we don't update every day.

Bullet; Green -Have a new reference better than the one you have? Send it to me through a note!

Bullet; Green -YOU MUST REMAIN AND BE A WATCHER TO KEEP YOUR CHARACTER IN THIS CAMEO. If you unwatch during anytime between now and the end of issue 25, your character will be removed and replaced by a random Mobian I will create.

Bullet; Green -If you want to remove your character, send me a note with the reason why and which character you wish to remove. I'd appreciate it if you didn't unwatch just to get your character removed, just ask.

Things to keep in Mind during the comic and the Series finale about your characters.


-Not every character will have an early cameo, I only selected ones who looked like they could fit in a urban environment. If your character looks like they belong in a warzone don't expect an early cameo

-I am aware of all the powers and super forms you guys have submitted along with your characters, I just want to inform you that not every single thing will be used. Though I will try my best to do so. Just don't expect everything that you put with your submission to happen.

-Early Cameos will NOT participate in fighting scenes. However, character interaction with the official characters may or may not occur. It depends really. Just keep in mind that if your character is in an early cameo, they will not be fighting. At least not yet until issue 25.

-If your character has any sort of relationship or friendship with any official characters, that will not be mentioned most likely. For example, your character is in a romantic relationship with Shadow or something around the lines of that. THAT won't be mentioned or included in the story. Your characters could have CRUSHES on the official characters, but nothing too engaging. As for friendships, thats fine. If they are siblings or family of official character that will probably not be including, depending on how lore damaging it is. And NO, if your character is an offspring of a Sonic Official character Shipping, it will definitely not be mentioned.

-Fusions? No, only with your own characters.

-If your character has Saiyan blood or anything of that sort, I will not mention it. Too lore damaging. They can retain the powers though.

-There won't be long introductions to each character for certain reasons, mainly that it would take up too many pages.


Bullet; Yellow Disclaimers (Please read if you are worried what will happen to your character in the story.)

Submitted Characters Disclaimer

When you submit your character(s) to this cameo you are committing them to the comic and to me. You retain ownership of the character but by submitting to this you agree that I have the power to do what I want with them. This includes: Making them interact with other characters (Fan or Official), Allowing harm or possible death to happen to them (Highly unlikely and if it does happen don't worry, if the grand total of 100 submissions is hit no one will have a chance of death or harm), and the choice to use them anywhere in the comic series leading up to Issue 25 AKA the Series Finale. I here by say that I will not bring any changes to your character(s) physically or mentally, they are your design and I will respect it. I retain the right to decline any character for any reason I deem necessary and/or violates the requirements and/or rules. 

Character Participation/Early Cameos Disclaimer 

Regarding early cameos and character participation in the story, characters will be randomly selected if a scene in the comic has a: City, town, public place, or large crowd of people. At any other time, it will be inappropriate and you should not expect any characters besides the official ones to be seen. Also early cameo characters will NOT participate in the action whatsoever on any account. In other words, your characters will NOT be fighting side by side official characters UNTIL the series Finale at issue 25. All characters will have a chance to be seen in the finale Cameo, whether they are fighting or defending, but I cannot guarantee everyone will have an early Cameo.

Removing Characters Disclaimer

If you do not wish to participate in the cameo anymore and wish to remove your character(s), you can do so doing the following:
1. Unwatching guarantees character removal
2. Send a note to me requesting to remove them and with a reason

However, once issue 15 is completed, you cannot remove your character. When you submitted the character you knew that once that this issue is over, your characters are locked. Until then, you reserve the right to remove your characters and I will give out a warning before locking the characters.

If more disclaimers are needed, I will update the journal so pay attention.

====THE GOAL====

The goal has been reached already, but in case you were curious about the ending levels before the final 100 submissions, here is the list.

:-( (Sad)  Bullet; Red0-19 = Bad EndingBullet; Red Skull and Crossbones = 40%
Yummy Bullet; Orange20-39 = Moderately Bad EndingBullet; Orange Skull and Crossbones = 30%
  :-) (Smile) Bullet; Yellow40-59 = Average EndingBullet; Yellow Skull and Crossbones = 20%
 =D (Big Grin) Bullet; Green60-79 = Good EndingBullet; Green Skull and Crossbones = 10%
OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Bullet; Blue80-99 = Best EndingBullet; BlueSkull and Crossbones = 0%
:-O (Eek) Bullet; Black100 MAX = Best Ending + Extra EndingBullet; Black Skull and Crossbones = 0% 

The skull meant a percentage of characters official or fan would be killed or harmed in the final issue.

No need to be afraid anymore though, 0% chance forever.

Group Assignment:
Finale Cameo Group Assignment FULLY ASSIGNED*Updated* All 100 Characters assigned to their groups! Joined the original orange and yellow groups into one Yellow group, made the Orange group a new thing. New Group Set: Freelance
Now, I'm not going to reveal who is in which group to keep it fair and prevent people from complaining. Though once I start doing profiles of each of the character, their group will be known. And as such you cannot change what group you are in. I chose the group for your character because I thought it would suit them. Not of personal choice. So no complaining.
Also if you ask me what group your Character is in DON'T ASK RIGHT NOW Please wait until I start profiling. I assign each character to a group pending on their attributes, skills, weapons, and emotions. For example, you give me a character that has great warrior skills but doesn't approve of fighting unless it is to protect people, I would assign them to Green. If you give me a energy wielding character that has some serious power moves


With submissions closed, the form is void.


I will put the icons of everyone who has submitted maximum of 1 (2 for friends) characters to this cameo. If you are listed below, you can't submit to the cameo anymore. But you can and reserve the right to ask for your character(s) to be removed from the roster. But doing so will block you from ever submitting again so be smart about it. And after the submission date, you will no longer be able to remove your character from the roster. I say that because I will be making story preparations and I can't have you ruining any plans I might make.

---People who submitted---
(If you havent submitted to all your character slots I suggest you do! Even if you have to make up a new one! :) )

-Note: If your name has a MAXED on it, you cannot submit anymore characters. But you can still help spread the word!

3 = :iconpengie9290: ~ 3/3 MAXED
7 = :iconzakanuva: ~ 4/4 MAXED
8 = :iconbrandonking2013: ~ 1/3 
9 = :iconpianoplayer0111: ~ 1/2 
10 = :icontheillusiveman13: ~ 1/2
13 = :iconfoxytoast: ~ 3/3 MAXED
14 = :icontakuatheavrahk: ~ 1/3
16 = :iconelemental699: ~ 2/3 
17 = :iconsoniclover1442: ~ 1/2
18 = :iconcci545: ~ 1/1 MAXED
19 = :iconcustomsaga: ~ 1/1 MAXED
21 = :iconjoeycool1210: ~ 2/2 MAXED
22 = :iconzirconhedgehog: ~ 1/2
23 = :iconfrozenvolf: ~ 1/2
25 = :iconjoseph-joeclone: ~2/2 MAXED
27 = :iconoriondaboss: ~2/2 MAXED
29 = :iconariatheheadgehog: ~2/2 MAXED
30 = :iconwakaflockaflame1: ~1/2 
31 = :iconpikxiiv: ~1/2
33 = :iconbiotronicgroundhog: ~2/2 MAXED
37 = :iconsir-duke01: ~4/4 MAXED
38 = :iconlonichedgehog: ~1/2
41 = :icontoni987: ~3/3 MAXED
43 = :iconsailorsetsuna: ~2/2 MAXED
45 = :iconslicetheluffy: ~2/2 MAXED
47 = :iconnightsandsonic: ~2/2 MAXED
50 = :iconxxlost-fleetwayxx: ~3/3 MAXED
51 = :iconluke54321: ~1/2
52 = :iconfrostraven32: ~3/3 MAXED
56 = :iconxaolin26: ~2/3
57 = :iconsonicfang7: ~1/2
58 = :iconemmyhedghog22: ~1/2
59 = :iconsonicandvegetafan: ~1/2
61 = :iconshadowhe: ~2/2 MAXED
63 = :iconinvadernexis: ~2/2 MAXED
64 = :iconathenea-moon: ~1/2
65 = :iconargonianbud: ~1/2
66 = :iconcowlesyart: ~1/2
68 = :icondanielaorigami: ~2/2 MAXED
70 = :iconsonamyxsiemprefanfic: ~2/2 MAXED
73 = :iconulta: ~3/3 MAXED
75 = :icondefia-fokkusu: ~2/2 MAXED
76 = :iconomega-knight-x97m: ~1/2
77 = :iconsonicpokemonwarrior1: ~1/2
81 = :iconsilverluver123: ~4/4 MAXED
82 = :iconsondowverdarkrose: ~1/1 MAXED
83 = :iconcarokitty: ~1/1 MAXED
84 = :iconbradkevinpiedy: ~1/1 MAXED
85 = :iconundergr0undfurry: ~1/1 MAXED
86 = :icondisneybrony2012: ~1/1 MAXED
87 = :iconsonicluke: ~1/1 MAXED
88 = :iconhanakofairhall: ~1/1 MAXED
89 = :iconartistdetective: ~1/1 MAXED 
90 = :icontornadoman55: ~1/1 MAXED 
91 = :icondoubledande: ~1/1 MAXED
92 = :icontravisbowen: ~1/1 MAXED
93 = :iconjackthewerehog: ~1/1 MAXED
94 = :icondragonwarrior25: ~1/1 MAXED
95 = :icon3-toshi-3: ~ 1/1 MAXED
96 = :iconlightyearpig: ~ 1/1 MAXED
97 = :iconsirenanimations: ~ 1/1 MAXED
99 = :icondogatemyshrooms: ~2/2 MAXED
100 = :iconmelito2010: ~1/1 MAXED

100 Submission by : :iconsailorsetsuna:




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sonicluke Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Cool :) and congrats :)
Sir-Duke01 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omega-Knight-X97M Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Wow! That is amazing! Maybe one day i drawn your character with my.
SailorSetsuna Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Name: Aaron
Nicknames: -Burning Kid
-Furious Flame
Species: Mutated Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Reference: (I'll send it, don't worry ^^;)
Weapons: Metal claws
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fire balls etc.
Skills: Controlling fire, flying (he uses his arms and legs as rockets, just like Iron Man X])

Bio: Aaron's has been an outcast since the age of 9. Because of an accident his brother caused, all his body was turned into fire. Nobody knew how has this happened and that's why they were afraid of him. He became a monster, hated by nearly everyone. He ran away with his brother Ervon and friend Serene, who were the only ones helping him, and hide in the cave. Thank to this they skipped the tornado, which killed everyone in their village.
By the long time Aaron was training to control his body and use it in an usual way. One day he decided to live on his own, because Ervon and Serene had to leave and join Shane in his mission. He was still keeping in touch with them, but he tried to face the fact, that no stranger will trust him.
One day Xander, the youngest member of Crystal Rescue Team, learnt more about his fate and got an idea to build something, that was able to help Aaron. He designed an armor, that kept all of Aaron's flames inside. Since this day they became very close friends.

Additional notes: -His flames can scald only these he doesn't trust or wants to hurt
-He doesn't like to wear the helmet, because "it's uncomfortable"
-He doesn't like to be alone
-If he ever take off the metal tubes on his arms and legs, he'll all turn into a one fire and disappear. Mostly it's impossible, tubes are solidly stuck on him
sonicluke Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Cool :)
SailorSetsuna Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :D
sonicluke Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Np :)
CCI545 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Character accepted! I await the reference whenever you get around to submitting it to me.
SailorSetsuna Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconmonkeyclap: I'll try to do this as fast as I can :D
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