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I Will now do a weekly update on Fridays. If this gets annoying turn off Journals in the watch preferences in the manage friends section. I don't recommend it because you may miss important updates from other journals but if you must, go ahead.


Sonic Z Finale Cameos OPEN by CCI545
====Finale Cameo Submissions====
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring 

End date: After Issue 15 is over (Or if we reach out full submissions bar)

Total Submissions: 80

Goal: GOAL REACHED 20 extra spaces left till 100

Current Ending Status:  Bullet; BlueBest EndingBullet; Blue OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

Submissions needed for next Ending rank: 100

Last Updated: 7/23/14
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring 

New7/23/14 BEST ENDING REACHED!!! 80 SUBMISSIONS!!!! 20 Submission slots left for people to submit to!New 

Bullet; GreenPremise and whyBullet; Green
You're probably wondering why you are here huh? Well this is the Sonic Z Finale Cameo in which in the end of the comic series in issue 25 I will show all the characters helping out in the final battle in large ways and in small ways. This is a way for your character to be promoted for free and introduce them to the Sonic Z universe I have created. In addition to the cameos at the end of the series, I plan to have early cameos pre issue 25, the early cameos will only be available to characters who seem like they can fit in a normal environment. (Sorry Ultimate Mega Super Cinos the Hedgehog, you have to wait till the last issue.) The Early Cameos are short and will be only in town locations or villages in forests. If you're curious on what an early cameo looks like, check this out: 
Sonic the Hedgehog Z #6 Pg. 16 March 2014 by CCI545

Other than early Cameos, the finale cameo will be grand. We Reached 80 and hit the goal, but if you continue to submit, you can unlock the extra ending by reaching 100 submissions!

Also another name for this cameo is called the "Mobius United Program" (In Story).

Bullet; OrangeRequirements, Rules, and disclaimers READ THIS READ THIS READ THIS READ THIS!!!Bullet; Orange

OMG MOAR POEMS! :iconstopplz: Before you all submit your characters randomly and willy nilly to me in the comments... I need to lay down some ground rules, requirements, and a disclaimer.... so pay attention or I will redirect you here... 

Bullet; Red Requirements
    1-The Character you submit MUST be a Mobian, either a human or anthropomorphic animal. I will also accept just anthropomorphic animals who don't resemble mobians, but I would like it to be cartoonish.
    2-You must draw the character or have a reference drawn by someone else and send me the link either in the comments along with your submission or through a dA Note. I MUST HAVE A REFERENCE!!!
    4-I must know what species and gender your character is. If it is a robot or anything else, put genderless.
    5-To submit a character(s), you MUST BE A WATCHER OF MINEAdded to my devWatch! . No exceptions. While you are here, you might as well check out the comic that your character could be a part of in the end and as a small cameo anywhere in the comic. Also I must say


    6-In addition to that requirement, you CANNOT DEWATCH ME after you submit your character(s). If you do I will remove them from the roster. 
    7-I prefer DIGITAL and COLORED character references. Though I will accept colored pencil sketches, but if you don't want me to get the colors wrong I suggest using the most basic art program; MS paint, and send me the color reference. Same goes for black and white images. IF I DON'T GET A DIGITAL REFERENCE AND A COLOR REFERENCE I WILL ATTEMPT TO REMAKE THE COLORS AS I SEE IT.

Bullet; Orange Rules

Please pay close attention to the rules, therefore I dont have to repeat myself to you why your character was declined...

Bullet; Purple 1: Don't Submit me a HUGE BIOGRAPHY. I just need to know who they are and what they do. For specifics read the rest of the rules
Bullet; Red 2: Age is not needed, but would be nice to know.
Bullet; White 3: Overpowered Characters are ok, but if I deem them TOO OP I will ask you to nerf them or at least lower what they can do. 
Bullet; Pink 4: This isn't a porn comic, please don't submit to me a exposed character or nearly exposed character. A good guide to what is accepted and not accepted is for you to look at it and think "Does this leave little to the imagination?" If the answer is yes, then my answer to you submitting it here is no.
Bullet; Yellow 5: You can only submit 1 character if you are a watcher of mine. If you are in my friends roster on my profile, you are entitled to 2 Characters.
Bullet; Green 6: You cannot trade in characters for ones you have already submitted, once you submit them, they are SUBMITTED. However you can ask for them to be removed anytime during the submission period. However, if you choose to remove them, you cannot submit to the finale cameo anymore. And once the submissions are over, you cannot remove them.
 Bullet; Orange 7: Weapons are fine, your characters might be using them if the situation gets bad. Just nothing that seems out of place in the crossover.... like stick to only Sonic, DBZ, or your own tools. (i.e. Final Fantasy weapons, Lightsabers, etc.) If you cant live without them, change their appearance and maybe we can work it out
Bullet; Black 8: If your character has a relationship with an official character, whether it be family related, romantically involved, or they are friends, that information WILL NOT be included in the story. So either dont bother saying it, or if your character cant live without it, just dont submit that particular character. Crushes are fine.
Bullet; Blue 9: Fusion moves like the ones in DBZ are not allowed, fusions amongst your own characters is legit
Bullet; Purple 10: Hybrid characters are fine, but I'm sure I will get Hedgehog and Saiyan Hybrids a lot... and I have. Thats fine, but I will NOT MENTION IT IN THE STORY. The reason why is that it conflicts with much of the logic in the story. You are welcome to keep that knowledge yourself while reading the comic and you can tell people, but I personally will not acknowledge it as canon to my story.
Bullet; Red 11: In addition to that rule above, majority of the stories you tell in your character bios will not be explained or mentioned. The reason why I ask for those is that so I have an understanding of your character. I don't like drawing a character that has well no character. Know what I mean?


Bullet; Yellow Disclaimers (Please read if you are worried what will happen to your character in the story.)

Submitted Characters Disclaimer

When you submit your character(s) to this cameo you are committing them to the comic and to me. You retain ownership of the character but by submitting to this you agree that I have the power to do what I want with them. This includes: Making them interact with other characters (Fan or Official), Allowing harm or possible death to happen to them (Highly unlikely and if it does happen don't worry, if the grand total of 100 submissions is hit no one will have a chance of death or harm), and the choice to use them anywhere in the comic series leading up to Issue 25 AKA the Series Finale. I here by say that I will not bring any changes to your character(s) physically or mentally, they are your design and I will respect it. I retain the right to decline any character for any reason I deem necessary and/or violates the requirements and/or rules. 

Character Participation/Early Cameos Disclaimer 

Regarding early cameos and character participation in the story, characters will be randomly selected if a scene in the comic has a: City, town, public place, or large crowd of people. At any other time, it will be inappropriate and you should not expect any characters besides the official ones to be seen. Also early cameo characters will NOT participate in the action whatsoever on any account. In other words, your characters will NOT be fighting side by side official characters UNTIL the series Finale at issue 25. All characters will have a chance to be seen in the finale Cameo, whether they are fighting or defending, but I cannot guarantee everyone will have an early Cameo.

If more disclaimers are needed, I will update the journal so pay attention.

====THE GOAL====

The goal of the cameo is to give you the fans to have some spotlight and also to give thanks to those who enjoy the comic and continue to watch me.

But did you know that this Cameo is unlike the others you might have tried out?

In this cameo, the amount of characters I receive by the end date to submit them will determine how the WHOLE COMIC SERIES WILL END. Hence the name the Finale Cameo.

How will that work? Well, take a look at the chart below I have made.

:-( (Sad)  Bullet; Red0-19 = Bad EndingBullet; Red Skull and Crossbones = 40%
Yummy Bullet; Orange20-39 = Moderately Bad EndingBullet; Orange Skull and Crossbones = 30%
  :-) (Smile) Bullet; Yellow40-59 = Average EndingBullet; Yellow Skull and Crossbones = 20%
 =D (Big Grin) Bullet; Green60-79 = Good EndingBullet; Green Skull and Crossbones = 10%
OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Bullet; Blue80-99 = Best EndingBullet; BlueSkull and Crossbones = 0%
:-O (Eek) Bullet; Black100 MAX = Best Ending + Extra EndingBullet; Black Skull and Crossbones = 0% 

Allow me to explain this... If the character counter (See at the top of the journal) is in the range that is in the chart, that is the ending you get for the comic. The Skull and Crossbones represents the possible harm/death chance of Official characters and fan characters submitted.

Afraid of what happens to your character? Dont worry, with the best ending reached NO one will die. However, your characters might be injured by do not worry, we have medics.

We reached our goal, but if you still want people to submit their characters to this, refer this journal to your friends or watchers! (Please remember to tell them that they HAVE to watch me in order to submit.)

Group Assignment:
Finale Cameo Group Assignment *Updated**Updated* I have now added numbers by the side of each group. These numbers are how many people have been assigned to each group in addition to their group leaders (Official Characters) These numbers can change if: A new group fits a character better, and/or more characters are submitted.
I think I have reached that point where I will be assigning each Character submitted to one of the eight groups that will be participating in the final fight.
Now, I'm not going to reveal who is in which group to keep it fair and prevent people from complaining. However, I will reveal what the groups are, but not the Official character leaders. (I think you would figure it out by the title of the group anyways)
Also if you ask me what group your Character is in DON'T ASK. I assign each character to a group pending on their attributes, skills, weapons, and emotions. For example, you give me a character that has great warrior skills but doesn't approve of fighting unless it is to protect p


Bullet; Black Submitting your character(s) Bullet; Black 

I MUST HAVE A REFERENCE! I DONT CARE HOW YOU GET ONE I JUST NEED ONE! Whether you made it, or you commissioned someone to do it. Just as long as it is YOUR CHARACTER.

Police Keep in mind, you CAN SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER, they dont need to follow the Mobian general plan (Big head, eyes, and small body with string bean arms/legs) For more info refer back to requirement #1

I would also request to give me a digital version of your character. Refer back to Requirement #7 for more information.

OP characters are fine, I might nerf them if if they seem WAY too powerful or ridiculous though. But before I do such a thing I will talk it over with you.


Right click and drag to select the text under the and stop at the ====
Then copy and paste to a note or text document, then fill out. 


Sonic the Hedgehog Z Finale Cameo Character Submission form (IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE PLEASE MAKE A SEPARATE SUBMISSION)

Nicknames (Optional: Max-2) : 
Age (Optional) : 
Reference (Put a link or a thumb THIS IS REQUIRED) :
Weapons (3 Max) : 
Attacks (3 Max) : 
(If none, your character can be support. Like giving ammo to those who have guns or handling of technology. Or protecting a group of characters)
Skills (3 Max, 1 Min) : 
Bio/Additional notes (Please dont make it long) :

Thank you for submitting! Be on the look out for your character!


I will put the icons of everyone who has submitted maximum of 1 (2 for friends) characters to this cameo. If you are listed below, you can't submit to the cameo anymore. But you can and reserve the right to ask for your character(s) to be removed from the roster. But doing so will block you from ever submitting again so be smart about it. And after the submission date, you will no longer be able to remove your character from the roster. I say that because I will be making story preparations and I can't have you ruining any plans I might make.

---People who submitted---
(If you havent submitted to all your character slots I suggest you do! Even if you have to make up a new one! :) )

-Note: If your name has a MAXED on it, you cannot submit anymore characters. But you can still help spread the word!

3 = :iconpengie9290: ~ 3/3 MAXED
7 = :iconzakanuva: ~ 4/4 MAXED
8 = :iconbrandonking2013: ~ 1/3 
9 = :iconpianoplayer0111: ~ 1/2 
10 = :icontheillusiveman13: ~ 1/2
13 = :iconfoxytoast: ~ 3/3 MAXED
14 = :icontakuatheavrahk: ~ 1/3
16 = :iconelemental699: ~ 2/3 
17 = :iconsoniclover1442: ~ 1/2
19 = :iconcci545: ~ 2/3 
21 = :iconjoeycool1210: ~ 2/2 MAXED
22 = :iconzirconhedgehog: ~ 1/2
23 = :iconfrozenvolf: ~ 1/2
25 = :iconjoseph-joeclone: ~2/2 MAXED
27 = :iconoriondaboss: ~2/2 MAXED
29 = :iconariatheheadgehog: ~2/2 MAXED
30 = :iconwakaflockaflame1: ~1/2 
31 = :iconchloe-shadow-channel: ~1/2
33 = :iconbiotronicgroundhog: ~2/2 MAXED
37 = :iconsir-duke01: ~4/4 MAXED
38 = :iconlonichedgehog: ~1/2
41 = :icontoni987: ~3/3 MAXED
42 = :iconsailorsetsuna: ~1/2
44 = :iconslicetheluffy: ~2/2 MAXED
46 = :iconnightsandsonic: ~2/2 MAXED
49 = :iconxxlost-fleetwayxx: ~3/3 MAXED
50 = :iconluke54321: ~1/2
53 = :iconfrostraven32: ~3/3 MAXED
55 = :iconxaolin26: ~2/3
56 = :iconsonicfang7: ~1/2
57 = :iconemmyhedghog22: ~1/2
58 = :iconsonicandvegetafan: ~1/2
59 = :iconvalora390: ~1/2
61 = :iconshadowhe: ~2/2 MAXED
63 = :iconinvadernexis: ~2/2 MAXED
64 = :iconathenea-moon: ~1/2
65 = :iconargonianbud: ~1/2
66 = :iconcowlesyart: ~1/2
68 = :icondanielaorigami: ~2/2 MAXED
70 = :iconsonamyxsiemprefanfic: ~2/2 MAXED
73 = :iconulta: ~3/3 MAXED
74 = :icondefia-fokkusu: ~1/2
75 = :iconomega-knight-x97m: ~1/2
76 = :iconsonicpokemonwarrior1: ~1/2
80 = :iconsilverluver123: ~4/4 MAXED




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sonicluke Featured By Owner Edited 9 hours ago  New member
new one: quick Question will you be in the comic to? what  unice  is… and here the crossrrange logo… and yes he can take the suit of like in iron man armored adventures with the help of unice  and on here me..err you no  what  here what i look like… and its sonicluke or hypersonicluke or supersonicluke thous where back ups in 2010 good times good times...oh and me..err he has dog tags here's the pic… its on his suit to.
Name: sonicluke
Nicknames : none 
Species: human its me...err.. he's in a suit
Gender: male
Age  : 13 same age as me
Reference :here with color… and here with out…
Weapons : supersaber it change is color when he in super forms but its green crossrrange its like a bat range and it look like bible logo cross and the force there SUPER small fans power full ones 
Attacks : fighter (like dbz but no flying) 
Skills  : speed like sonic when hes shoes are on and when he in the suit  jumps like sonic when hes shoes are on  and can go sonic boom when his shoes are on too shoes
Bio/Additional notes : 9 years to be right me..err.. he and his father made a suit a super suit based of sonic but war came to the world star wars emperor  palatine and he want to destroy the world or conquer it  so me..err him and he's father made AI name unice that know about the bible and cartoon charters that come to the world  he can go to other diamonds to with a door thaty glow purple and hes super forms are super hyper super 3 and 4 3 is like hyper but glows black the colors of hyper and so is 4 but with red and black.
sonicluke Featured By Owner Edited 9 hours ago  New member
old one: ok here we go again  also quick Question will you be in the comic to? oh and here what i look like… and here the bible man wiki for the unice… and here the bibleman logo for the crossrrange…
Name: sonicluke
Nicknames : none 
Species: human its me...err.. he's in a suit
Gender: male
Age  : 13 same age as me
Reference : here;s with color… and here's with out color my sister made this…
Weapons : supersaber it change is color when he in super forms but its green crossrrange its like a bat range and it look like bible logo cross and the force there SUPER small fans power full onces 
Attacks: fighter (like dbz but no flying) 
Skills: speed like sonic when he's are on shoes when he in the suit too  jumps like sonic to when he's shoes are on  and can go sonic boom when hes shoes are onshoes
Bio/Additional notes: me..err.. he and his father made a suit a super suit based of sonic but war came to the world starwars emperor  palatine and he want to destroy the world or conquer it so me..err him and he's father made AI name unice that know about the bible and cartoon charters that would come to save the world  he can go to other diamonds to with a door  glow purple NOT YET he can take the suit off and on any time he wants with the help of unice like in iron man armored adventures and his super froms he has are super sonicluke hyper 3 and 4 3 is like hyper but has black and the colors of hyper same with 4 but black and red.
sonicluke Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  New member
sorry i thout it was gone this one sorry and im not trolling im new so sorry :(
sonicluke Featured By Owner Edited 20 hours ago  New member
Hi  i'm..err.... he's is not sonic the hedgehog oh and can he have a super from? and i'm..i mean is my official charter so here my.... never mind Here we go.

Name: sonicluke
Nicknames : none 
Species: human its me...err.. he's in a suit
Gender: male
Age  : 13 same age as me
Weapons : supersaber it change is color when he in super forms but its green crossrrange its like a bat range and it look like bible logo cross and the force there SUPER small fans power full onces 
Attacks : fighter (like dbz but no flying) 
Skills  : speed like sonic with he are on shoes when he in the suit  jumps like sonic when hes shoes are on  and can go sonic boom shoes
Bio/Additional notes : a long long time ago 9 years to be right me..err.. he and his father made a suit a super suit based of sonic but war came to the world star wars emperor  palatine and he want to destroy the world or conquer it  so me..err him and he's father made AI name unice that know about the bible and cartoon charter that come to the world THE END. not really he can go to other diamonds to with a door thaty glow purple fin.
sonicluke Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New member
sorry mess up again uh hold on one sec 
CCI545 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Question, can he ditch the suit at all or is the sonic costume mandatory? Because honestly I think it will be hard to draw you know emotions on a costume. It would just be smiling throughout a battle you know?

Since it is yourself, just try drawing what you look like as best as you can and I can work with it. That or actually take a picture and post it. I'll be happy to get the reference via so it is in private.

Other than that, all this is solid for one minor issue....

The lightsaber. I'm all for Star Wars and the glowing light swords like you, but I need to keep a canonical and restrict the fandoms to only two. Which in this case are DBZ and Sonic only. Either we remove it, or keep it and change the style of how it is presented. Like it won't look like a light saber totally persay, it would look more like a knockoff of a lightsaber and maybe not look entirely the same. It can still retain the same features you said like the color changing. Though many characters who have been submitted have super forms, I will most likely not be having any characters transform into super forms. But who knows, I change minds now and then.

I'll accept the Character once you have a updated reference and decision on the lightsaber issue.

Also one last thing, I suggest making a better name than sonicluke. I know its your username, but it doesn't have to be your characters name either, just call him Luke or something around those lines. Be creative : )
sonicluke Featured By Owner Edited 13 hours ago  New member
sorry lots of typos sorry and ok ill fix it ill start a new one soon
sonicluke Featured By Owner Edited 15 hours ago  New member
Also here the sprite sheet to kinda help you out with the face…
also i cant edit what i subsumed anymore so here rest of the bio hes funny like sonic from The adventures of sonic the hedgehog fin.
sonicluke Featured By Owner Edited 16 hours ago  New member
1. yes its like iron man me..err...he can put the suit on and off like in iron man armored adventures with the help of unice if you don't know who unice is here's the bibleman wiki
2. sorry i messed up the light saber is called the super saber that changes color when hes in super forms like super hyper super 3 and 4 but its green with the suit on and he can super with out the chaos emeralds p.s i cant edit it anymore it says T-T
3. YAY superfroms if you don't know super sonicluke 3 is like hyper but glow black with the colors of hyper and 4 glows black and red with the colors of hyper
5. sonicluke was my username since i was 6 or 5 i beat 6 ah good time good time oh is that or hypersonicluke or supersonicluke thous are backups in 2010  and luke is my um.. he' but in hes suit he's sonicluke
5. I cant draw but my sister can so ill ask her if you want.
6.when he angry in the suit it look angry here what i mean… when he talk the suits mouth follow think of it like a mask all most.
7. i'm an antimatter i make cartoon if you want i can made you cartoon series if you wantof sonic the hedgehog z.
8. i messed up on the bio here the part where i messed up  he's father made a ai name unice that know about the bible and cartoon charter that come to the world when it should say my..err.. he's father made and ai named unice that know about the bible and cartoon charters that will help the world.
anything eles? i hope im being nice. i hope (gulps)

p.s if you want i can try to ask my sister ti make my...err..he's face? 
Defia-Fokkusu Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hmm....You know what Im gonna add more character in it! :iconymmudplz: (Just a question.. is it maybe possible to add "more" Characters like 3/4 or so? If it may of course ^^'')

Name: Miki Danika Rinilia (Her name is just Miki c: )
Nicknames: -
Species: Butterfly
Gender: Female
Age (Optional): 10 Years old (She looks like she is 17 but she is pretty young.) <- With Colors. <- Just for sure ^^
Weapons (3 Max): As you can see she have her Own staff/Scepter which also can be changed into a ring (to make it easy for her, instead grab it like the whole entire day~)
When she throw her ring in the air it change into her staff/Scepter and the opposite ^-^.
Attacks (3 Max): (Note: It isnt that she say that out loud XD!)
 1.The Legendary Light (When she use that attack it gives really much lights and pretty much hurts to the enemy's self).
2. Harmonic Sound Wave (She us that power so that the enemy's can get a really heavy headache and that they would leave)
3. Scarlet Electric Shield (She use that shield to defend herself or someone else. when that enemy is trying to break that shield which is impossible the person can get a heavy electric shock.
Skills (3 Max, 1 Min): 1.She can Heal with her staff/Scepter if someone is really heavy hurt.
2. She can fly high and fast. 3. Can think of a plan in no time. 1 min. She cant run fast.
Bio/Additional notes: She is a young Qeeun/Princess That dont make someone angry',
But she lost her's unknown...but she have some friends that cheer her up if she is desperate.
She Is very smart for a 10 years old girl. BUT 1 thing not to forget is that she is really s very shy type person...its not her fault that she is pretty shy thought~
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